How to paint an Airbus A320

Jun 19, 2014

Iberia having updating their A320 fleet with a new aircraft livery. At Iberia’s painting hangar in Madrid people are working round the clock to add the airline’s new corporate image to all the Airbus A320 family aircraft in its fleet.

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Business One – Qatar Airways all business class takes off

May 15, 2014

Qatar Airways has today flown its first new all-premium daily service ‘Business One’ between Doha and London Heathrow, becoming the first ever carrier to operate an all-Business Class service from London Heathrow. 

This new service follows the British Airways BA001 all business class London City to JFK which began operations in September 2009.

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Ten reasons to fly to Thailand with Thai Airways

Dec 6, 2013

Have you been to Thailand?

In the past we had only been to Bangkok Airport during a brief stopover on the way to Australia but last month this all changed. While the weather struggled to get over 4C in the UK we traveled to Suvarnabhumi Airport to spend a few days experiencing winter in Thailand.

And who better to travel with than Thai Airways.- and here are 10 reasons why!

1 – Flight Times

You depart from the UK at 11.50am. With the time difference and flight time you arrive at around 6am in Bangkok. arriving in the morning helps with getting used to the temperature and you have the whole day ahead of you.

On the return the flight is around midnight so you get the whole of your last day to enjoy Thailand and again you arrive in London at about 6am.

2 – Boeing 747-400 Fleet Upgrade

Upgrade to Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 fleet

Over the past few years the airline has upgraded its 747-400 fleet. The newly retrofitted Boeing 747-400 aircraft boasts revamped passenger cabins, improved in-flight entertainment and will operate on flights from Bangkok to various European destinations including London.

3 – They Have The Latest IFE 

Thai Airways have fantastic IFE system on board which really does help the 10+ hour flight fly by! with over 100 films, TV programs and music channels to watch it really does offer something for everybody. On our flight there where 16 pages of films to choose from.

The other benefit of this system is that it is available as soon as you sit in your seat so you can start using it before you take to the air.

4 – The Inflight Food

They have a great selection of food, some with a hint of Thai. On our outbound flight we enjoyed  a beautiful streak! There also seemed to be plenty of it. The cabin crew also appear on a very regular basis throughout the flight with a selection of water and fruit juices to keep you hydrated. And if you are in Royal First take a look at the huge menu on offer!  We certainly recommend the Massaman Curry!

5 – The Cabin Crew

They cannot do enough for you, they are there throughout the flight with drinks – even in the dark – unlike other airlines we have travelled with! They just cannot do enough for you and even help with putting your hand luggage away!

5 – The New Economy Cabin

The latest economy seats provide a good deal of room. They are just over 17″ wide with a foot rest and a useful cup/glass holder so you don;t need to have the seat back tray down.

You’ll enjoy flying with Thai Airways

6 – Great With Children 

Thailand is a great destination for a family holiday to enjoy the beach or in the country. Thai Airways cater well for children with meals, IFE games, films and even provide toys for them.

7 – Online Check-In

Most airlines provide online check-in but it all adds to making an easy start to your journey. The system also offers a easy seat choice option if you need it.

8 – The New Royal Silk Business Class

If you travel business class then you wont be disappointed with the Royal Silk cabins, especially if you sit upstairs on the upper deck of the 747. There are 16 controls for the lumber, leg and back rest plus three main seat position options. They also have reading lights, privacy screen, cocktail table and a huge IFE screen. Take a look at the virtual chair!

9 – Thai Royal First

Along with a fully flat seat Royal First offers comfort wear and slippers  a beautiful tailored travel kit with a range of top-brand toiletries including such items as lip balm, socks, a toothbrush set, comb and eye shade. You ‘ll also get some super soft blankets and pillows, porcelain and crystal. There  is also a huge range of dishes you can preorder for for your inflight meal service. You will also have access to a huge range of films, music and television programmes on huge seat back screen.

The cabin layout means you also get to sit right at the front of the aircraft!

10 – The A380 Fleet

In October 2014 Thai Airways will be using their new A380 aircraft on the Heathrow Bangkok route. These aircraft are quieter and spacious, only adding to your Thai Airways experience.

Thai Airways Airbus A380

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Behind the scenes at Airbus with the latest Thai Airways A380

Nov 5, 2013 0

Flying into Toulouse you can’t help but be impressed with the large numbers of Airbus aircraft that are spread out around the airport. You’ll see everything from the Beluga transport aircraft to the latest  A350 taking off on another test flight.

Thai Airways are about to begin flights with their latest Airbus A380, the fifth in its fleet, as they continue to expand their services with this huge aircraft.

Last month we were lucky enough to join Thai Airways at the Airbus Headquarters, in Toulouse, to take a look around their new A380 as the aircraft manufacturer prepared it for handover.

Before we made our way to the aircraft we were given an insight into how you spec an airliner of this size and saw how these amazing machines are put together.

Our first stop was the Cabin Design Studio. If you have ever ordered a new car you will know the time it can take to decide on the interior colour, seat material and optional extras. Now if you imagine you have 507 seats to spec along with floor coverings, toilets, meeting areas, galleys and crew quarters, along with entertainment systems and cabin baggage storage, it can be quite a task.

With four other aircraft already in service it hasn’t been too hard for Thai Airways to decide on the interior colours and layout for this A380. In the Cabin Design Studio you could see just how all the material types and colours are used in a fuselage section mock-up to see how they look under the various cabin lighting options. The designers laid out on a long table the range of swatches just used for the Thai interior.

Thai Airways A380 interior materials and colours

Thai Airways interior materials and colours

Of course you do need to see how various cabin layouts can look in an aircraft environment, especially one the size of an A380. For this you can wonder around the full size demo aircraft interiors for every model that Airbus assemble. As you walk into this particular building It’s like entering a train station with each (wingless) aircraft type alongside their own platform. You enter by the normal cabin door and once inside you can really see what interior options are available.

Putting The Airbus A380 Together

On the lower deck you can see such layouts as an open galley/bar, single crew member sleeping area, Economy and Premium Economy seating. There are options for overhead lockers with motors that assist when you close them which not only make it easier to shut but also offer much greater headroom below. If you walk upstairs to the upper deck you can see the First Class Suites,  ‘normal’ First Class, Business and Economy cabins. There are also meeting areas, extra storage units below the cabin windows and space for crew quarters or even a duty free shop! It can take airlines between 8 and 14 months to get the layout and look just right on the A380.

A short drive to the other side of the Toulouse airfield is the aircraft handover area. Waiting on the apron was the A380 HS-TUE (Si Racha).

The Thai Airways team meet their latest A380 HS-TUE Si Racha

The Thai Airways team meet their latest A380 HS-TUE Si Racha

It is great just to be able to wonder around such a large piece of engineering and take in the 4 million parts with its 500km of electric cables and the 5 sets of landing gear with 22 wheels that make up this super jumbo.

Walking around the Thai Airways A380

Walking around the Thai Airways A380

It was soon time to climb the stairs to see inside this beast – but not before we had put on the elastic shoe covers to protect the new flooring. The carpet was covered with protective paper but we were taking no chances – we didn’t want to mark this very expensive piece of machinery.

HS-TUE Thai Airways Airbus A380

HS-TUE Thai Airways Airbus A380

Inside it feels spacious and roomy even with the 435 Economy seats. Airbus have gone to great lengths to provide a spacious and comfortable interior. There are 5,000 mood lighting scenarios on board, using a wide choice of fluorescent and LED technology and the cabin air, all 1,570 cubic meters of it, is changed every 3 minutes.

Economy Cabin

Thai Airways A380 Economy seating

Thai Airways A380 Economy seating

From the rear you can walk up the spiral stair case to the upper deck. Here there are slightly less seats in economy across the cabin due to the shape of the fuselage. Instead of three 18 inch wide seats between the window and each aisle you will find two. The curve of the cabin means that the seats cannot be fitted as close to the windows. Rather than leave this as just space Airbus have added extra storage bins between the seat and window. All this helps to provide 15% more bin volume per passenger in economy class.

Extra Storage On The Upper Deck

Extra storage space on the upper deck of the A380

Extra storage space on the upper deck of the A380

At the front of the upper deck you will find the 12 seats in Royal First Class. These are huge and provide fully-flat beds for relaxing on a long haul flight. To one side of the cabin and near the staircase to the lower deck, you will find the lavatory. Inside there is plenty of room and has a changing room. On the opposite side there is a small area where up to four passengers can relax together, hold a meeting or work.

There are 12 Royal First Class seats on the Thai Airways A380

There are 12 Royal First Class seats on the Thai Airways A380

For passengers heading to Bangkok from the UK you will have to wait until October 2014 until you can travel on the Thai Airways A380. In the meantime if you need to fly to Japan then you could go via Bangkok and get to experience the A380 quiet and comfort.

Thai Airways A380-800 Royal First Class bathroom

Thai Airways A380-800 Royal First Class bathroom

This latest Thai Airways arrival will be used to add an additional flight per day between Bangkok and Tokyo, starting tomorrow the 6th November. The sixth super jumbo is due to be in service from the 1st December on Bangkok- Osaka route.

Thai Airways A380 Flight Schedule

Thai Airways A380 Flight Schedule.

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