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A330 Pilot, Captain Jobs
Title A330 Pilot Direct Entry Captains Air China
CategoriesA330 Pilot, Captain Jobs
Salary$11-16,000 per month
Job Information

 Immediate openings for Direct Entry A330 Captains
Also providing A330 transition training

A330 Pilots – Captains

Minimum requirements are as follows:
• 1000 hours PIC time on the relevant aircraft type
• Total 6000 hours total time
• Current within 12 months (must have a valid/current PC)
o Exceptions on a case-by-case basis depending on experience level
• Valid ATP license, valid passport, Class A Medical
• Must be from a country with diplomatic ties to China
• No incidents or accidents, no license limitations
• Maximum age: For Airbus Captains, 55 years.
• ICAO level 4 English certification
• Training bond required for transition candidates
Direct Entry Captains: Any A330 Gateway city
Transition Captains: Beijing will be the base until checked out as Senior Captain (12-24 months). Thereafter, any A330 Gateway city
Direct Entry Captains: 2 years, renewable.
Transition Captains: 4 years, renewal in 1 year increments.

(all amounts net)
Salary is based on 85 block hours.
Direct Entry (rated) A330 Captains:
Total Compensation: $16,500 per month (yearly increases built in)
Base Salary: $12,500 per month (net)
Travel Allowance: $4,000 per month (net)
Safety Bonus: $6,000 per year for no accidents/incidents >880 flight hours
Overtime: Captain: $233/hr
Annual overtime bonus: $97/hr over 935 hours per year
A330 Transition Captains:
Total Compensation: $15,000 per month during Line Training, then $16,500 when checked to the line.

Base Salary: $11,000 per month
Travel allowance: $4000 per month
Safety Bonus: $6,000 per year for no accidents/incidents >880 flight hours
Overtime: $233/hour over 85 hours
Annual overtime bonus of $97/hour >880 flight hours
Training pay (for both direct-entry and transition Captains): $4000 per month for approximately 2 months during ground school. Once transition training is completed, full pay will begin immediately.
Contract renewals: Renewals are done in one year increments. There will be an $800/mo salary increase in each subsequent contract.
Aircraft types accepted for A330 transition training: A320, A340
Days Off
Minimum of 7 days off per month in addition to days off after duty (average 10-12). 28 days of paid leave per year.
Sick Leave
12 days per year

Insurance Benefits
Optional Medical and Dental insurance policy covering you and your family anywhere in the world

Travel Benefits
7 round trip standby tickets of international flights on Air China per year after complete the first 6 months of service. For use by pilot and immediate family. Jumpseat available for pilot on all Air China flights.
Route Structure
License details
• China does not allow any limitations on your ATP. If you have the limitation “CIRC APPRCH – VMC ONLY” it must be removed.

A330 Transition: Training Bond
Air China will require a training bond for those who receive transition training on the A330. The total training bond for Airbus Captains is $22,000. It must be paid in advance, and will be returned $5,500 per year at the end of each contract year (4x$5500=$22,000). As long as you complete the 4 year contract, there is no cost for the type rating. The training bond for Boeing Captains is $37,000 and will be repaid in a similar manner in 4 equal payments.

Air China Overview
Air China was established in July,1988 as a result of the Chinese government’s decision to split the operating divisions of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) into six separate airlines: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, China Northern, China Southwest, and China Northwest. Air China was given chief responsibility for intercontinental flights and took over the CAAC’s long haul aircraft and routes. In 2010, Air China carried 60 million domestic and international passengers with an average load factor of 80%. The airline reported a net profit of 12 billion RMB (USD $1.83 billion) in 2010. Today, Air China is the Flag Carrier of China, and it’s most stable and reliable airline.

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