Air France has launched a new app for its passengers. Air France Play is a free app for smartphones and tablets,  available on the App Store and Google Play. It is a mobile IFE app offering a range of newspapers and magazines, videos and music.

Air France Play

The Air France Play  app offers a varied content for the airline’s passengers who have a reservation on an Air France flight.  Passengers can access the  content from 30 hours before the flight’s departure time. The media includes:

  • Newspapers and magazines – a wide choice of French and international publications available at no extra charge as soon as they hit the newsstands including Le Monde, The New York Times and China News Weekly
  • Videos – a large selection of movies*, TV programmes*, cartoons*, news programmes and documentaries such as France 24 and Euronews that can be consulted during the flight
  • Music – a selection of Air France Music playlists to enjoy again and again.
  • Among these offers, Air France Magazine and music podcasts are available at any time, even without a reservation.

Up to 30 hours before a flight passengers can log on with their booking reference or Flying Blue card number to access the content. They can then download their selection of news, music or videos. This content can then be viewed any time, on or offline.

Air France Play*Available on flights lasting 2 hours or above between France and Europe, North Africa or Israel, and flights within the regional Caribbean network.

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